• Increase speed and productivity

    Repetitive task optimised hence saving time and cost

  • Reducing errors

    Accuracy is dramatically improve thus reducing errors.

  • Increasing accuracy and quality of data

    With artificial intelligence placed accuracy will improve.

  • Reducing manual data edits

    RPA will learn processes which includes extracting emails and data input

  • Increasing customer satisfaction

    With speed and accuracy increased, customers will experience lesser idling time.

  • Reducing compliance risks

    RPA will generate reports with intelligence to reduce risks


Introducing the cutting edge technology from IPO, the Intelligent RPA ( Robotic processes automation ). It reads and extract documents directly from emails thus eliminating manual work, double handling etc. All this is done without employee’s presence. One step ahead from conventional tools, it automatically populate documents with AI by translating existing data to digital format without the help of humans.
It will intelligently extract your orders, invoices and quotations from emails without having to worry about any problems arising.Platforms can operate perpetually as long as RPA is integrated allowing corporate to replicate 10 employees with one headcount.


More and more are turning to robotic process automation to eliminate tedious process and tasks, freeing employees to focus on higher value work. IPO has the expertise to realise that by providing optimum solution to cater to anybusinesses or corporations.


Transforming and optimising manual processes of businesses and organisation into automated and seamless operation cycle through Intelligent RPA


Empowering employees with space and time to help bolster businesses and organisation  break the next paradigm in this disruptive digital era.